New Book Releases; Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture, Volume VII

9/19/2023 10:11

New Book Releases; Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture, Volume VII

The seventh volume of the Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture, edited by Muḥammad J ͑afarī (Qanawātī), was published under the supervision of Kāẓim Mūsavī Bojnurdī, CEO of the Centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia.

CGIE: The Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture is a specialized encyclopedia on the folklore and culture of the Iranian people. It is a compendium of many different subject areas in which both material and spiritual culture of the people in different regions of the country are studied and categorised in 20 sections; cuisine, clothing, games and plays, art and handicrafts, music, popular literature, popular medicine, beliefs, customs, anthropological institutes, distinguished scholars in the field, folklore books and texts are among the major subjects discussed in detail in this authoritative source.

A team of over 120 researchers, editors and contributors from Iran and abroad write, review and revise the articles of this encyclopedia; some of the members are considered unmatched intellectuals in Iran and the world and the others are young scholars who have become professional editors after undergoing customised training programmes.       

Volume VII of the Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture covers the Farsi Letters of ‘ف’ (fe), ‘ق’ (qāf) and ‘ک’ (kāf) and contains 196 entries, beginning with ‘فولکلور’ (folklore) and ending in ‘کیقباد’ (Kayqubād).        


Title of publication: Encyclopedia of Iranian Culture, Volume VII

Size: 210 × 280 cm

Binding: hardcover

Page numbers: 758 pages

Quantity: 1000 copies

Price: 8,500,000 Rials


If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please

  • Visit the CGIE Bookshop at No. 210, Kāshānak, Nīāvarān, Tehran - Iran
  • Order Online at
  • Call +98 21222976-77
  • Send a message to +989127362684 on WhatsApp



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Publish Date : 9/19/2023

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