“A History of Coffee and Coffeehouse Culture in Iran and 60 Other Essays”, A collection of Seyed Ali Aledavood’s essays is released

5/1/2022 12:53

“A History of Coffee and Coffeehouse Culture in Iran and 60 Other Essays”, A collection of Seyed Ali Aledavood’s essays is released

The Centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopaedia (Centre for Iranian and Islamic Studies) published the two-volume book, “A History of Coffee and Coffeehouse Culture in Iran and 60 Other Essays”, by Seyed Ali Aledavood.

It has become commonplace for authors to compile a collection of their articles in various journals and publish them as independent books for decades now. It is an acceptable method with many benefits, including preventing the scattering of papers and presenting them as solid work.


About fifteen years ago, Seyed Ali Aledavood released his first collection of articles he had published since 1350 in a volume entitled “The Seven Lands of Book” by Amirkabir Publications. Then, a few years later, he presented the second collection entitled “The Seven Cities of Book” to the same publisher. A few years later, he found it necessary to compile another batch of his essays. This volume contains entries published in various volumes of Encyclopaedia Iranica many years ago, and short articles in Name-ye Farhangestan, Name-ye Baharestan, Payam-e Baharestan, Gozaresh-e Miras, Iranshahr-e Emruz, and some Festschrifts and memorial volumes. Even though the title of the book refers to sixty essays, the whole book includes 87 articles, notes, and treatises in the following six sections:

Section One: “Coffee and coffeehouse culture in Iran”. This section contains four articles: The first two, “Coffee” and “Coffee House,” were first published in Iranica, but the Persian text and detailed notes have been issued for the first time in this collection. The third article, “Tobacco in Persian Literature”, was published in Name-ye Parsi but has been revised, and some material has been added. “Qalyān” (hookah) article and its notes have been written in recent years and published in this book for the first time.

Section Two: “Literary Research”

Section Three: “Historical research”, most of which is focused on the Qajar era and its prominent figures and issues.

Section Four: “From all over Iran”. In addition to geographical articles and identifying corners of Iran, this section contains some research on the economic situation of Qajar Iran, European tourists in Iran, introducing several cities and towns in different parts of the country, and a report on Armenian villages in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

Section Five: “The prominent scientific figures of Iran”, includes articles about the late Professor Iraj Afshar, Professor Habib Yaghmaei, Dr. Manouchehr Sotoudeh, Dr. Bastani-Parizi, Professor Ahmad Eghtedari, Kazem Bargnisi, and several other writers and scientists, which have been published separately in journals and memorial volumes.

Section Six: “Miscellaneous”. This section includes essays that have been written in different situations and the notes of some lectures.

The book “A History of Coffee and Coffeehouse Culture and 60 Other Essays” is published in 1200 pages and 700 copies.

To purchase the book, please proceed in the following ways:

Visit the Publishing House of the Centre at No. 210, Kashanak, Niavaran, Tehran

Visit the online store at: store.cgie.org.ir

Call the Publishing House store: 00982122297677

Send a message to WhatsApp number: 00989127362684.


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Publish Date : 5/1/2022

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